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terms & conditions



I would like to state that client satisfaction is a priority for me.

Feel free to contact me with any concern or question you may have.



I have full right to display the images of the artworks created under commission on and my social media platforms.

The images on this website cannot be used without permission. 

If the client doesn't want the artwork to be shared online for any reason, this has to be determined beforehand.

If the portrait is a surprise and you don't want me to share it online, please let me know.



The payment must be fully submitted in order to confirm the commission and enter the waiting list.

Remember that once an estimated completion date is given, it will only be mantained upon receipt of payment.



Cancellation & Refund

Clients have a 48 hour cooling-off period from the moment of payment. In this 48 hour period, the refund in full can be requested without a reason. Once the period has passed, the refund will no longer be possible.

The reason behind this is that the products on sale are handmade and customized, therefore, a cancellation would mean a total loss of time, supplies and a possible rejection of potential clients.

The shipping expenses can be refunded any time in case of cancellation.


Damage In Shipping

In the unlucky scenario that the portrait is damaged on the delivery transit, I would have the right to request clear proof of the damage, and get it sent back to me.

I would claim the insurance from the delivery company, and once it has been accepted, I would create a new portrait for no extra costs.

The completion time of the substitute portrait would depend on my waiting list of that moment.


Privacy Policy

Your personal and payment information will never be shared, sold, published or disclosed to any third parties.

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