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The first step is to decide what kind of portrait you want.


The main questions are: 


  • Graphite or watercolor?

  • What size (S, M, L or XL) ?

  • Head or full body?

  • With custom background or not?


WhatsApp Image 2020-10-03 at



Find the best photograph of your pet!


This is the most important part when commissioning a portrait, as it will be the reference for the artwork.

Do you have a picture that you love but the details are not so clear? Let me know and I can try to work from various photos to catch the features and represent them on the picture that you love. 

It is the same case if your portrait is a memorial for a pet that is no longer with you. 




I start with the point that in my opinion, is the most important:


  • The animal shows an expression that truly represents it's personality. If you know your pet, you know what I mean! It can be just an ''eyebrow'' lift, a tongue hanging on the side, or the funny way they move their ears when you talk to them. Just something that when you look at the picture, you feel like you totally recognize them!

  • The photograph shows the features clearly, ESPECIALLY THE EYES! We know that eyes are the window to the soul, so, if you want a great portrait, I need to see the details on them! 

  • The lighting on the picture should also be good. The best light is white light. The important part is that I can see their true colors and the texture of their fur

If you have many pictures and you cannot choose, I would love to see them and give you my opinion!


Once you thought about the portrait you want, and you gathered some nice photographs, it is time to contact me!

You can send me an email to and attach all the pictures you want. We can also speak via Whatsapp: 0629385010.

Once we had a chat about how your portrait will be and I saw the pictures, I will let you know the estimated completion date. You can always see an estimation on the top of my website. 

At this point you can make the payment to confirm your order. I offer the payment methods: iDeal, payment request, credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.



I will update you with any important information on the process. As soon as your portrait is ready, I will let you know. You can choose if you want me to send a picture of it or if you prefer to see it in person and get the surprise (In my opinion, this is much nicer!)

 Then, I will ship the portrait to you. I will be looking forward to hearing that it arrived safely, and I would love to see a picture of the portrait at your home, so, feel free to show me!

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